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What Do Buyers Want?

Buyers are always looking for a clean, bright space that they can customize. But they are also attracted to spaces that have curated into rooms where they can see themselves living. Here are a few highlights from a recent home tour.

Premium Play Space

BONUS ROOM: We love a good bonus room. It’s an extra play space for kids. It’s a home office. It’s a media room. It’s a craft space. It’s a disco. It’s a tiki bar. Whatever you want, it’s there. Buyers love the bonus room because they get to splurge without sacrificing bedrooms. 

WALL DETAILS: While some buyers might love a very simple minimal style, many appreciate the sophisticated woodwork of special moldings, chair rails and wainscoting. Wall detailing can really elevate the look of a room and help ground the space. It really shows that the space has been considered and dressed up. And it’s easy to add their own touches to it such as new paint of even wall paper above the detailing. 

Private balcony off a primary suite

OUTDOOR SPACE: From private balconies to a landscaped backyard, the best outdoor spaces have different zones dedicated to several uses. This could be a pergola with seating, pavers denoting a dining area or a stretch of grass for a pop of green. When you have an outdoor space, it’s ideal to stage it so that the prospective buyers can see the vision, especially during the winter. 

Fitness Room

HOME GYM: Why go out when you can stay in? Having all the tools to get in a quick workout may be the best strategy for success. Homes stand out when they have a room dedicated to fitness. Who wouldn’t love an oasis, especially with a place to mount a television, a built in sound system and of course, a ceiling fan. 

These are just a few ideas. Of course, buyers always want the best location and all the bells and whistles they can get. If you’re thinking of selling and want advice on playing up your home’s best features, don’t hesitate to give me a call!

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