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Earth Day Every Day

Small changes can make big shifts, well beyond Earth Day.

Earth Day is a great reminder that even committing to energy reduction for 24 hours can make a huge difference. And making it a daily habit isn’t as tough as you might think. Here are some easy ways to make it Earth Day every day.

Reduce your plastic: At the grocery store, skip the produce bags and look for products with minimal or paper packaging. Keep mesh produce bags and re-usable shopping totes in your car and ready to go for shopping trips. You might even try visiting more shops with goods you can collect with your own containers.

Bring your own travel mug: Your favorite coffee shop will gladly fill your mug with your favorite brew. You can even personalize it and save the barista from calling out ridiculously incorrect versions of your name, though I’m sure we have enjoyed a few chuckles over the years.

Make your own cleaning products: This solution is both environmentally friendly and plastic free. A few easy products to start with are dish detergent, laundry detergent and window cleaner. Common ingredients are easy to find, such as baking soda and vinegar. You won’t miss having a pantry full of single-task cleaners once you start using how easy it is to make your own.

Compost: Orange rinds, coffee grinds, and egg shells are just the beginning to your compost adventure. Depending on your commitment level and your desire to DIY, you can choose to get your own compost bin and create your own nutrient rich soil OR opt to have a service pick up your scraps on a regular basis.  

Unplug appliances: If you haven’t used that toaster or lamp in a while, why not leave it unplugged? And for lights you use more regularly, consider putting them on timers. You might even find there are areas inside or outside your home where motion detectors may come in handy and help cut down on unnecessary usage. 

Grow your own vegetables and herbs: The best way to reduce packaging is to shop in your own garden. Consider growing some staples such as tomatoes, peppers and spinach. And of course herbs like oregano, basil, mint, cilantro and rosemary will save you trips to the store. 

Find neighborhood free cycle groups: This is a great way to keep items out of landfills and save yourself the trip to good will. Neighborhood groups allow you to post items for other to claim ranging from clothing, furniture and home decor to toys, games and packaged food. It’s much easier to declutter your home when you know that the items you are letting go will go to use right away. And if there’s an item you’ve been looking for and don’t mind finding it used, you can collect treasures of your own as well. 

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