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Curb Your Energy Consumption in Your North Shore Home

The average North Shore household spends $2,200 annually on energy bills. A good portion of those utility bills is the electric bill due to the various electronic devices and computers we rely on. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has reported that: “Consumer electronics and computer equipment now represent 15 percent of global residential electricity consumption.” Whether you’d like to save on your utility bills or you are hoping reduce your carbon foot print there are some steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption across the board. Luckily you don’t need to get fancy to start saving money and energy. There are some simple hacks that could help you start saving energy right away.

Energy audit. Many utility companies will offer this service for free. They perform a checkup of your home to determine where you may be losing energy.

New appliances. New appliances will not only upgrade the value of your North Shore home, it will also allow you to get Energy Star certified models which are held to higher standards of energy efficiency.

Clean vents. Clean HVAC vents and ducts regularly and replace the filters to allow your HVA to run at its peak performance. Vacuum the coils at the bottom or underneath of the refrigerator too.

Turn down the water heater. The factory setting on most water heaters is 140 degrees Fahrenheit which is way too hot. Turning it down to 120 degrees helps conserve energy and will keep you from scalding your skin.

Turn off appliances. Turn off appliances that no one is using and make sure to not rely on the screen saver on your computer – it doesn’t save any energy. Put the computer to sleep or just turn it off between uses.

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